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Care & Connection


Links is a network of personal connections between missionaries and Nazarene districts around the world.


Participating missionaries are assigned to districts to help foster a personal connection between missionaries and the local church. A Links relationship fosters a sense of involvement with Nazarene Missions through regular correspondence from missionaries, updates from their field of service, and presentations by their Links missionary when they are on home assignment.

How does our church make a Links connection?

Each district is assigned Links missionaries. Reach out to your District NMI President for details regarding the missionary family. Then…
Make personal contact with the missionary at the email address provided.
Learn as much as possible about the missionary and the field they serve on.
Introduce the missionary to your church.
Share about your church with the missionary.
Pray for each other regularly.
Work with your District NMI President to schedule a time when they can speak at your church when on home assignment.

How can we best encourage Links missionaries?

By getting to learn and know more about each other, your local church and Links family will feel more connected. Share life together, pray for each other, communicate as often as possible, give as you feel moved by the Holy Spirit, and schedule a time to connect over video on when they are on home assignment.

How do I give a gift to Links missionaries?

Generosity is one of the greatest expressions of love. If an individual, church, or district would like to show love to a Links-assigned missionary through giving, please follow these guidelines.
• Sending physical letters or packages are discouraged unless the missionary has a specific need and requests the items be shipped.  Districts and churches are encouraged to coordinate with missionaries when they are on home assignment rather than shipping items to their country of service. Physical package can have very expensive duties that the missionary has to pay when receiving your package. Please always ask the missionary before you mail anything.
• When giving a financial gift, there are multiple ways to send it in.  
Please do not give a missionary a cash or personal check offering. That is still taxable income for a missionary, and you would need to provide a 1099 tax form to assist the missionary in their end-of-year taxes.
Need more information? 
The global NMI office is happy to help. Please contact: 
913-577-0500 or

Why can’t I find our missionaries’ addresses on the web?

To ensure the safety and privacy of missionaries, missionary address and phone information will not be shared by NMI or Global Missions. If you need this information for a missionary, please contact either your district NMI president or your district Links coordinator who will work directly with each Links missionary.

What is Missionary Care?

Missionary care is an important strategy of Nazarene Missions International (NMI) to help provide for personal needs of missionaries. These expressions of care include:
Links: a strategy for “linking” churches with missionaries through prayer and personal contact.
Missionary Christmas Fund: provides a monetary Christmas gift for missionaries. 
Missionary Health Care: monies collected through the Memorial Roll and Distinguished Service Award used to subsidize missionary health care costs.
The Memorial Roll: a way to honor deceased friends and loved ones. A certificate is issued in the name of the person memorialized and is often presented to a family member or displayed in the church.
Distinguished Service Award: a certificate presented to an individual to recognize outstanding service to God and the church. The presenter (usually a church or district) contributes $125 to Missionary Health Care.