Paraguay women's retreat emphasizes God's love

Paraguay women's retreat emphasizes God's love

South America Region Church of the Nazarene
| 12 Oct 2023
Women's Conference Paraguay

One hundred women gathered in Capitan Miranda, Encarnación, Paraguay, to participate in the national women's retreat organized by the Ministry for Women (Ministerio a la Mujer or MAM) in late August. For two days, the women were able to have a time of fellowship and encourage one another. Above all, they longed for the presence of God to touch their lives in profound ways.

The retreat was organized by Pastor Viviana Tello, national coordinator of MAM, together with the district coordinators: Pastor Carol Muñoz of the Central District, Elizabeth Ferreira from the Southern District, and Pastor Miriam de Rodriguez from the Northern District.

The event included a message from Pastor Angie Maldonado, who shared the Word of God, emphasizing the theme of “Loved by the God who sees me.” There were beautiful moments at the altar where the women experienced renewal in a profound way, letting God transform their lives.

“From the beginning to the end of each part of the program, it was God speaking and working in hearts, healing, restoring, strengthening, and affirming callings,” Tello said. “The presence of God flowed naturally, an experience that will be recorded in the minds and hearts of all women who participated.”

Ruth, one of the women who attended, said there seemed to constantly be obstacles to her leaving for the retreat, but God ultimately made a way for her to attend, and it  touched her in a significant way.
“God showed me his love,” Ruth said. “He confronted me in many areas of my life. I am grateful because I was freed from many things that held me back.”

During the sermons, Maldonado shared three lessons from the story of the Samaritan woman, whom Jesus met at the well.

“First, we must remember that we are loved by God,” Maldonado said. “Second, he sees us. We do not go unnoticed before him. And third, he invites us to let go of our jar, all those heavy burdens that we have carried for a long time.”

During the second day, workshops with these titles were held: “In Jesus I am,” “The metamorphosis of the soul: the things that can change,” “Lord, if you want, you can,” and “Silencing the lies of the enemy that steal your trust.”

Through each of these workshops, the women strengthened their relationship with God and remembered the sense of purpose and trust that Christ brings in their lives.

During this retreat, Pastor Carolina Muñoz was welcomed as the national coordinator of the MAM ministry, taking over for Tello.
--South America Region Church of the Nazarene



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