El Salvador ministry brings hope to children, teens in crisis

El Salvador ministry brings hope to children, teens in crisis

Church of the Nazarene Mesoamerica Region
| 23 May 2024
Meso Kids Ministry

Iglesia del Nazareno Las Peñas in Acajutla, El Salvador, opened its doors to about 130 children and adolescents who are missing one or two of their parents due to the emergency order that remains effective in the country.

The children and adolescents were left in the care of relatives or neighbors. The church became aware of their needs and decided to dedicate particular time for them once a week. The children listen to Bible stories, sing songs, play games, and receive snacks during this time.

One of the girls who attends the center, along with her 7-month-old brother, were left in the care of her 76-year-old great-grandmother after her mother and grandmother were taken away by the police. The church embraced this family and visited them to pray and bring food and other essential items. In addition, the church obtained psychological help for them.

With the support of the church members and their friends, the church has always been able to provide a snack, which the children and adolescents receive with great happiness and gratitude. An average of 75 children attend each week.

"Although the meeting starts at 6 p.m., the children have been waiting for this time since 4 p.m.," said Beatriz de Lara, coordinator of the center and wife of the pastor of Las Peñas. "It fills us with satisfaction to know that we can share the love of Jesus with the little ones."

Regional Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Coordinator Damaris Kellogg said that during a visit carried out with the coordinator of DINA (Comprehensive Development of Children and Adolescents), they were able to observe that the children and adolescents created an attachment to the pastors, facilitators, and teachers who support this project.

"It is a blessing to see the love of Jesus demonstrated through the church toward them," Kellogg said.

She also said that there are testimonies of transformation that are the result of constant work done with love and faith in God's provision.

Previously, NCM assisted this community in responding to disasters and is now working to create a comprehensive care project for children and adolescents.

"This beacon of light (the church) that shines with hope and love in this port community will continue to transform and leave its mark on the lives of these children and adolescents," Kellogg said.

Kellogg requests pray for all the volunteers, for the pastors, Fernando and Beatriz, and for the provision of all the necessary resources to continue blessing each home represented. She also requested prayer for God to continue to work in the face of this need that is present in other communities in El Salvador.

--Church of the Nazarene Mesoamerica Region



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