Lay Leaders: February 2021

Lay Leaders: February 2021

Nazarene News Staff
| 08 Mar 2021
Lay Leaders would like to congratulate the following individuals for being approved by their pastor and local church board to receive the certificate of lay ministry. Upon approval, they will complete the lay ministry courses.

  • Robert Czyzewski, of CrossPoint Community Church of the Nazarene, Wisconsin District
  • Susan Moore, of Crown Heights Church of the Nazarene, Southwest Oklahoma District

We would also like to congratulate the following people who have completed the following courses. *

  • Jeff Donnally, of Kearney Church of the Nazarene, Nebraska District
    • Children's Ministry
  • Curt Tannock, of Whitehorse Church of the Nazarene, Canada Pacific District
    • Towards a Biblical Theology of Shame and Love
  • Deborah Wiese, of Deer Park Church of the Nazarene, Northwest District
    • Sunday School Superintendent

*Please note the above individuals are being recognized because they contacted us to request a certificate of completion. Many individuals complete courses but do not contact us to let us know, so we are unable to recognize them.



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