Panama Nazarenes celebrate Christmas by sharing food at hospitals

Panama Nazarenes celebrate Christmas by sharing food at hospitals

Mesoamerica Region Church of the Nazarene
| 30 Jan 2024
Panama Christmas eve

On the night of 24 December, a group of 12 people from the Río Abajo Church of the Nazarene in Panama gathered at midnight to share dinner and a hot drink with the friends and family members of hospital patients in Santo Tomás and the Hospital del Niño (children’s hospital).

About 125 people received food, hot chocolate, and words of hope based on God’s Word, including the mothers of hospitalized children. Food was also shared with people on the street.

"It was a pleasant experience to see how a plate of food and a hot chocolate can give a little joy and warmth to people who are far from home and at the same time, share the Word of God with them," said Amable Polanco, pastor of the Río Abajo Church of the Nazarene. "Glory be to God who places both [the resolve] and action in each of his brothers."

Polanco said he felt the need to bring food to people who would spend Christmas far from home. A team of 19 people, including Chef Jesús Vera, collaborated at different times on various parts of the activity.

The team was involved in the food distribution activity from noon the day before until 2 a.m. on 25 December.

Polanco said those who supported the activity passed up on family time to bring God's love to those most in need. Those who participated attested to the blessing they received from sharing those moments with families in need.

"The first to be blessed was I, because God allowed me to be a blessing to many other people, who received the dinner with great joy,” said participant Rosa Bejarano. “Furthermore, we took advantage of the opportunity to share the message of salvation, and they listened very attentively." 

--Church of the Nazarene Mesoamerica Region



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