ANU Hydroponic Project -ERM Department

ANU Hydroponic Project -ERM Department

ANU Hydroponic Project -ERM Department

Giving Code: 135903
Region: Africa
Area: Africa
COST (USD$): 5,000


Africa Nazarene University has plans in motion to teach students in the Environment and Natural Resource Management Department cutting-edge farming processes, allowing them to learn first-hand the proper ways to use hydroponic systems and preparing them to impact their communities through state-of-the-art ways to generate food security where they live, serve and work.

Through a partnership with AM-HYDRO (American Hydroponics), ANU will soon install three hydroponic systems to add to the Farming God’s Way initiative and traditional farming test plots. A green house, security fencing, motion sensing solar lighting, solar pump and water storage tanks will be purchased and installed prior to the arrival of the three systems. ANU has already been able to secure the funding for these elements.

Learning how to implement food security initiatives and clean water sourcing are two key factors students will learn at ANU, helping them to be head-and-shoulders above students graduating from other institutions. This will attract students from all faiths to come and learn at ANU because of the higher standard gained in hand-on learning. It is our hope that when coming they meet Jesus along the way and learn to walk with him daily.

The ANU’s test farm and lab will not only impact the university students but will also be used for teaching in the community around ANU and others who will come and learn about hydroponics and other forms of farming at ANU. Short Courses will generate extra income to ANU as well as the selling of produce from the experimental farm. Students will learn the many facets and procedures required to run and maintain a commercial farm on a micro scale. ANU’s test farm will also be a great initiative for training and empowering the surrounding community at ANU in hydroponics farming and technology. ANU is located in an arid area, and hydroponics farming has great potential to transform food production in the area, improve food security and health by introducing more nutritious foods.

While the majority of the project is already funded, including the shipping fees, there are still significant costs to import the units, totaling $5,000 USD. Click “donate now” if you’re ready to support the work of Africa Nazarene University to offer food to the hungry in the name of Jesus.  

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