Netherlands - House of Light (Huis van Licht) Church Plant

Netherlands - House of Light (Huis van Licht) Church Plant

Netherlands - House of Light (Huis van Licht) Church Plant

Giving Code: 136123
Region: Eurasia
Area: Eurasia
COST (USD$): 16,300


In 2011 a small group began working in an underserved area in Utrecht, Netherlands, to start a multicultural church plant. Half of the population in the area is from another faith background. The church plant continued, but with several transitions in leadership. A small group of around 12 people, mainly Dutch, remained, but they had difficulty reaching the neighborhood.

In 2019, conversations started with a small Arabic speaking group of around 10 migrants from Syria and Iraq. The Dutch group wanted to become more missional, and the Arabic speaking group longed to become more integrated in the Dutch society.

Supported by the district leaders, the group became an Arabic and Dutch speaking church plant. They held their first service in July 2020, and services since then have been held bilingually.

Integrating these two very different cultures has been challenging, yet they strongly believe that a multiculturally community reflects the love of God. Both the Dutch-speaking and Arabic-speaking believers have been encouraging and learning from one another, offering their strengths to build up the community. People from other faith backgrounds are coming to know Jesus!

The coronavirus pandemic has made church planting process even more challenging, yet they continue to believe the vision God has given them. 

The district and the people attending this small, vibrant church are supporting the work financially. They are inviting others to join them as they share the message of hope in Jesus in their community. Giving to support this work will support several specific projects:

  • The work of an evangelist from Syria who helps the church plant 5 hours every week.
  • The Story of a Migrant: The church is developing a dramatic presentation using Arabic songs, real life stories of migrants from the Middle East, and theatre that will help people from the Netherlands reflect on a Christian response to the people living among them. They hope to share this original presentation in churches around the country.
  • Offering Dutch language classes to help immigrants integrate into the larger society
  • Missional activities, including a morning coffee time
  • Discipleship activities, including the Alpha Course.
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