Trinidad and Tobago District promotes new church, spreads the gospel

Trinidad and Tobago District promotes new church, spreads the gospel

by | 31 May 2019

Approximately 150 Nazarenes from the Trinidad and Tobago District participated in a street rally event 26 May in the Maracas/St. Joseph community, where the district hopes to plant a new church. 

The district Nazarene Youth International and Nazarene Missions International teams coordinated the event to promote the new church and to share Christ with the community.

A music truck played gospel music during the rally to get the attention of the community members. This gave church members and district leaders a chance to pass out tracts, share connection forms, and spread the Word of God with those who came to listen.

Local pastor Chaitram Babooram and District Superintendent Victor George preached to the crowd.

Representatives from the district NMI and the district Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries also connected with the community members by distributing food to families in need.

District NMI President Leah Hope witnessed many community members sitting outside their homes to hear what was happening while others left their homes to get closer. 

“Even the few who said they didn’t want to hear about Jesus stood nearby to hear what was said,” Hope said. “A number of youth who had gathered for a football match were also listening in from the nearby field.”

--Church of the Nazarene Mesoamerica



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