Phillipines-Micronesia Field women challenged by Women of Wisdom conference

Phillipines-Micronesia Field women challenged by Women of Wisdom conference

Nazarene News Staff
| 12 Jan 2024
Asia-Pacific Region Church of the Nazarene

Nazarene women in leadership in the Philippines-Micronesia Field gathered for the Women of Wisdom Conference in late 2023. Over 345 female leaders attended the conference with the theme “Called Beyond Ordinary,” held in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

The Women of Wisdom Conference is held every two years to uplift and remind the women leaders of the importance of devotion, passion for a life-long relationship with God, and most especially, to embrace the desire for fellowship with other women in the Philippines-Micronesia Field.

This year’s event kicked off with a message from Jonah Villanueva, emphasizing the beauty and challenges women face, which included warnings and tips on how women should be celebrated in every phase of their womanhood. As the service ended, women were challenged to live a life they cherish while also honoring the Lord.

After the first speaker ended her message, the attendees had the opportunity to share what they had learned and understood. Most women were excited to meet with their friends around the field and discuss their thoughts.

The conference began with a parade of godly women from all 13 districts. Each delegate was welcomed with a cultural presentation from the members of each district. The district superintendent of Palawan, Jimmy Resurreccion, warmly welcomed and greeted the delegates.

The worship night featured powerful words from Linda Louw, wife of Asia-Pacific Regional Director Mark Louw, in a sermon entitled “Called to Live Beyond Ordinary Faith.” Linda shared scriptures about confidence and faith in God from Hebrews 11:1–19 and 23–29, and 32 – 34. She urged all women to read God’s Word together with her and proclaim in harmony the phrase “By Faith” with conviction. 

The next day, Sylvia Cacho opened a workshop by posing a question, “What legacy will you pass on to your family?” The workshop explained good and bad influences and emphasized that the spiritual legacy they leave behind for their families is an eternal blessing. Cacho also cautioned them of any disobedience or sins that could taint relationships.

Another workshop was conducted by mission professor Eileen Ruger, who discussed “Challenges of Women in the Ministry.” As she shared her message, she mentioned that challenges will be unavoidable. Ruger also said that God called his people, both men and women, to remain resilient in overcoming insecurities and shame that can hinder us from reachingour full potential inour assigned ministries.

Lynne Bollinger led the last worship night, which focused on the calling to live beyond ordinary service as found in 1 Peter 2:9–10. She encouraged all women to surrender their life toward obedience and into God's hands, no matter their current circumstances.

Lastly, all women were commissioned into a life of obedience, service, and purpose as directed by Inocencia Piliin and Field Strategy Coordinator Arnel Piliin. The women were encouraged to respond to their calling with clarity, commit to serving Christ and his people, and make Christlike disciples in the nations. Each participant was entrusted with authority, empowered to abide in the presence of the Almighty God.

--Church of the Nazarene Asia-Pacific Region



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