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USA/Canada’s SDMI’s Annual Leaders Conference
Ridgecrest Camp and Conference Center
Ridgecrest, North Carolina
November 9-11, 2021



Dr. Scott Rainey, SDMI Global Director


The Board of General Superintendents is calling the year 2021, “The Year of Discipleship.”


LC2021 will be an invaluable time for vision casting and sharing our new concept for SDMI. Do not miss this special time together!


LC2021 is designed for district SDMI chairs, SDMI district officers (women’s and men’s ministry leaders, single adult ministry leaders, children’s ministry leaders, CLT leaders), district superintendents, and all SDMI disciplemakers. We invite every district to bring a team of leaders! Space is limited, so you need to secure your reservation early.


District SDMI Children’s Ministry Directors are invited to attend a special “Synergy” pre-conference hosted by SDMI and facilitated by “Equip to Engage”.  Information about registration and scheduling is included on the registration form.


Click here for more information and to register for LC2021