Stewardship Is Sacrifice

Romans 12:1-8

Every year, one full-time carpenter puts together one or two Work and Witness trips, organizing dozens of teenagers and adults to build three to seven houses in a community that used to be all cardboard homes. After more than 30 years of faithful service, this cardboard village has turned into a colorful hillside of homes where families are protected from the excessive heat and elements.

Teens and adults, many of them for the first time in their lives, experience what it is to give of themselves for the needs of someone else. Out of that church, dozens have been called to full-time ministry. Many of the stories of when and how God called them involved these Work and Witness trips and the love of God they experienced in giving of themselves. What would it take for you to go on a Work and Witness trip? Could you help someone else to go? Maybe you do not need to go too far, just across the street. What can one carpenter do? What can the son of a carpenter do? Change the world. Go and change the world.

Author: Kelli Westmark

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