BGS invites Nazarenes to 30 days of prayer for General Assembly

BGS invites Nazarenes to 30 days of prayer for General Assembly

Nazarene News Staff
| 28 Apr 2023
30 Days of Prayer News

The Church of the Nazarene’s General Assembly is quickly approaching. Beginning 9 June, the global family will gather to conduct denominational business, share dreams for the future, engage in service projects, and worship Jesus Christ. 

The Board of General Superintendents is inviting the global Church of the Nazarene to join together for 30 days of prayer in anticipation of General Assembly, beginning 10 May.

"As we move toward the 30th General Assembly, we are anticipating a mighty movement of the Holy Spirit in our midst,” said General Superintendent Carla Sunberg. “The Board of General Superintendents invites you to join Nazarenes from around the world in 30 days of prayer as we eagerly seek God's blessing on our time together."

The 30 days of prayer initiative will feature a daily video inviting Nazarenes to join in prayer for a specific focus each day. These prayer focuses include the individual conventions, service projects, General Assembly business and speakers, as well as the retiring and newly elected general superintendents.

The videos will be posted on the Church of the Nazarene’s Facebook and Instagram channels, featuring individuals from around the globe as they lead the church in prayer in various languages.

The daily focuses are as follows:

  • May 10: Planning/arrangements team 
  • May 11: A time of celebrating that Jesus is Lord 
  • May 12: The city of Indianapolis 
  • May 13: Protection over the event 
  • May 14: A spirit of unity and oneness among our global church 
  • May 15: GA Kids
  • May 16: Global Nazarene Education Consortium (GNEC) Conference 
  • May 17: NDI Convention 
  • May 18: NMI Convention 
  • May 19: NYI Convention 
  • May 20: Love Your Neighbor 
  • May 21: Official business sessions 
  • May 22: All speakers and presenters 
  • May 23: Everyone who will be working behind the scenes (GMC staff, production team, etc.) 
  • May 24: Livestreaming technology for those attending virtually 
  • May 25: A movement of the Holy Spirit 
  • May 26: Worship services 
  • May 27: Pastors and leaders attending 
  • May 28: World Quiz 
  • May 29: Volunteers
  • May 30: Delegate commissioning service 
  • May 31: Retiring General Superintendents 
  • June 1: Newly elected General Superintendents 
  • June 2: Missionaries coming to GA 
  • June 3: Alumni events 
  • June 4: Board of General Superintendents Quadrennial Address  
  • June 5: Indianapolis Convention Center staff
  • June 6: New and strengthened friendships/connections 
  • June 7: Safe travels for all delegates and attendees 
  • June 8: All will leave feeling inspired and enriched 

For more information on the 30th General Assembly and Conventions, click here



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