Mount Vernon Nazarene University launches new health sciences program

Mount Vernon, Ohio

Mount Vernon Nazarene University announced the launch of a new health sciences program that will be available in fall 2018.

The Bachelor of Science in human services is designed to provide new routes for graduates to be involved in healthcare-related services, outside of direct hands-on patient care. Relatively few universities offer a B.S.H.S. with a general health care focus, rather than as a pre-medical track. The MVNU degree provides students opportunities to combine interests in healthcare with a variety of other professional fields. A Christian perspective is included to prepare students to address professional/ethical issues with integrity.

Students graduating with a B.S.H.S. are prepared to pursue careers in many areas, such as public health, health fitness, community organizations, health insurance companies, hospitals, long-term care, and nonprofit or humanitarian organizations. They can work in the pharmaceutical industry, medical sales, as a lab manager, patient educator, and health educator. Additional career possibilities include health support, healthcare technical occupations, health informatics, and environmental science. Individuals pursuing these careers may find opportunities globally, as well as in the United States.

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--Mount Vernon Nazarene University

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