Nazarene Bible College to transition to online model

Colorado Springs, Colorado

It is with a sense of anticipation and a firm commitment to the mission of Nazarene Bible College that the NBC Board of Trustees announced the college is transitioning to a fully online institution. The new model will continue to serve the college’s 1,200 current students and prospective students effectively and efficiently. 

“Once again, we face the challenge of choosing innovative change or simply accepting the conditions as they exist," said Harold B. Graves Jr., NBC president.

The proposal from Graves that has been unanimously accepted by the Board of Trustees is for a new NBC – one that reflects that the college is an online institution with a leaner operational and organizational structure. 

The current school year will be completed on campus and, as the college celebrates 50 years of service (1967-2017) to the USA/Canada Region of the Church of the Nazarene, a transition to the online model of adult ministerial education will unfold. Future announcements will be made as to where the operational team and offices will be located. 

--Nazarene Bible College

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