Asia-Pacific Region holds virtual gathering for Global NYI Convention

Asia-Pacific Region holds virtual gathering for Global NYI Convention

Asia-Pacific Region Church of the Nazarene.
| 12 Jul 2023

The Asia-Pacific Region Nazarene Youth International (NYI) gathered 60 delegates from the Philippines-Micronesia, Sealands, Southeast Asia, and Australia New Zealand fields to virtually participate in the 25th Global NYI Conventions 9-12 June 2023. 

Asia-Pacific is the only region that opted to have a remote venue for delegates who cannot physically attend the 30th General Assembly and Conventions in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. The remote venue was at First Pacific Leadership Academy in Manila, Philippines.

Even with the 12-hour time difference between the Philippines and the USA, the delegates were energized by the physical presence of each other while attending the business meetings and voting on the new global NYI president online via Zoom.

One of the highlights of the Up All-Night event at the Manila site was Cultural Night, where the delegates showcased their national costumes, songs, and dances. The event also included a world market where members of each field exchanged unique items and products from the countries they represent. These activities celebrated the region’s diversity and were a reminder that in Christ, there is unity in the midst of diversity.

The regional leadership team also took this opportunity to equip young leaders through various workshops on topics like coaching in ministry, campus ministry, young professionals in ministry, and Youth in Missions. This time of learning empowered and encouraged the youth as they continue to serve and minister in their local churches and community.

The final day of the event culminated with a time of united praise and worship, followed by the opportunity to hear the Quadrennial Address delivered by Carla Sunberg, chair of the Board of General Superintendents.  

--Church of the Nazarene Asia-Pacific



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