Special NDI Resources Now Available

Special NDI Resources Now Available

By Nazarene Discipleship International, | 13 Nov 2023


A New Handbook for the New NDI

Have you noticed that making disciples is Christ’s mission? Making disciples is the focus of Christ’s Great Commission and is one of the most fundamental purposes of the church. Would you like take up this charge: to join Jesus in making disciples in your city and in your church? Our new Nazarene Discipleship International (NDI) Handbook for the USA/Canada Region is an online resource designed to help you do just this.

This edition of the NDI handbook is the result of the Church of the Nazarene’s refocused vision for making disciples along A Journey of Grace. This path of disciple-making, along with the church’s co-mission with Jesus Christ, is to reach the lost, establish new believers in their faith, and walk with them into the joyous experience with God called entire sanctification. The vision is evangelism with holiness in mind AND holiness with evangelism in mind! This is Nazarene discipleship as practiced by the new NDI.

This 2023 edition of the NDI handbook is designed to reflect the new structure and language provided in the new NDI Bylaws.

A Discipleship Resources Brochure

Your global NDI office is committed to resourcing the discipleship journey. Each year, NDI provides you a discipleship ministries resource brochure. It is intended to direct Nazarenes in every local church to resources that will help them carry out the Great Commission by practicing the five core principles every day of the week. We are encouraging all our churches to double down on these five discipleship-centered activities: 


We believe these five discipleship-centered activities (Core Principles), as they get promoted and modeled on the region, will develop Christlike disciples of every age and in every culture. The 2024 brochure’s focus will somewhat correspond with the USA/Canada Region’s “Blessing our Community” theme. We wish to do so by offering numerous online resources as well as several Foundry Publishing resources. District NDI presidents can order paper copies of the brochure for your district convention by contacting nskyba@nazarene.org.

You can check out many of our other discipleship resources at nazarene.org/ndi.